• Institutional Projects including
    Hotels / Restaurants / Schools / Universities & Hospitals

    Lighting is now being used as one of the critical tools of creating ambience and presentation and with our ability to offer CUSTOMISED SOLUTIONS we can easily qualify for all such initiatives.

  • Government Projects

    We shall be OEM for SEVERAL AGENCIES that intends to deal with Local Government’s / Semi – governmental bodies and hence indirectly also gain through various initiatives and opportunities getting created.

  • Commercial Project Developers

    We help commercial developers with latest lighting solutions for the entire project – right from lighting the streets, parking lots to wall lights that showcase your building and workpsaces, retail shops and other facilities prominently. Get access to most practical and energy efficient solution to make your project stand-out.

  • Industries

    Manufacturing Industries require high-quality, specialized lighting solutions, the brightness of which has to match the surroundings, because either too low or too high can impact worker’s productivity. We have the experience of providing correct and cutomized solutions to manufactuers, warehouse, and distribution facilities while saving operator money and energy.

  • Infrastructure Projects

    Our greatest strength here is to offer CUSTOMISED SOLUTIONS and thereby gaining an EDGE over other participants. There is massive spending plans even from the GOI and this shall create huge opportunities especially with our plans to have a pan UAE presence.